June Faves: Phoenix & Cahil from Milk Studios

What we’ve been loving.  When we were asked to write about our monthly faves, it was pretty daunting – not going to lie. I think that’s because over the last year, Cahil and I have really scaled back our lives. We’ve spent less time with people (thanks Covid, but also thanks to a busy work […]

May Faves by Derryn-Anne Colborne

Letting go of the negativity & living more positively  During a time like this who hasn’t let negative energy inhabit their space? Unwittingly I have, and the best gift I could have given myself is to keep all the small things that bring me joy a constant in my daily routine. As we part ways […]

April Faves by Khalipha Ntloko

Au revoir April! It’s been real, and I can’t believe that we’re almost halfway through 2021 already! Time flies when you’re…going through a pandemic??? In any case, April Fools came and went, and I thoroughly enjoyed the public holidays that made work weeks shorter (can I make that an April Fave?). As we say goodbye […]

March Faves

And just like that we wave goodbye to March. 2021 is already flashing by before our eyes! This month was busy but somehow still uneventful… We even had to collaborate to write this post, as individually we couldn’t come up with four faves (and together we still couldn’t make it!). Maybe it’s the change of seasons […]

Feb Faves

Another month has come and gone, as we march our way into 2021. Here in London we’re still in lockdown, with measures only beginning to ease up Mid-March. It’s also winter here, so my life hasn’t been very exciting. On weekends I actually have to limit my time on Instagram because it’s so depressing watching, […]

Jan Faves

And just like that January 2021 has come to an end… I don’t know if it’s just me but my days seemed to have dragged yet the month has zoomed past me. But besides that I still remain cautiously optimistic about this new year we are well into. Habits & intentions have been a topic […]