Welcome to Shared Collective!
Why Shared Collective?

We do what we do because we believe that by sharing what we have we are creating a space for conversation, connection and collaborative consumption. 

We do this by empowering you to make your own money by renting out items from your wardrobe. We often hold onto items for sentimental purposes or buy things that we only wear once. But by renting out these items you are giving them a new life and story each time, as well as creating a side hustle for yourself. 

By renting items rather than buying you are also reducing your retail consumption which is better for the planet. By making fashion circular we are ensuring a more sustainable way of life for years to come. 

The old way was never working so it’s time to rethink it and reinvent it together. Sharing our collective experiences, thoughts and belongings makes our lives more fulfilling. This is beyond fashion as an aesthetic. This is looking good whilst doing good for yourself, others and our planet.

Love Kishana and Simone ❤️